Welcome To the Riga Old City

Are you planning to visit Riga for a short holiday trip or an extended business stay? Whatever you will do – discover architecture of Riga with its finest collection of art nouveau buildings in Europe, or jump in to the never ending night life, or develop your business, accommodation in Riga for your stay is necessary. Among different kind of accommodations, renting an apartment is the best choice.

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We want your stay in our apartments to be comfortable and enjoyable, so we aim to provide one of the best apartments for rent in Riga for you. We are sure you will have an excellent experience with us.

Explore the city

Riga has given many pearls to the culture of Europe and the world –
the most important architectural marvels include the Old Riga,
Art Noveau, and wooden architecture.

Riga as a "small Paris"

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With many parks and squares in between the urban structures Riga appears to be green pearl of Baltic countries.

Riga as a green city

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Inhabitans and guests of Riga alwaus can find some green and relaxing place in there quarters.

Park & square circle

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Even in hottest summer days yards and parks of Riga center provide shelter and cozy atmosphere for citizens of the city.

City on the lakes

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Non forgetable experience for any guest will be small journey by the river boats through the city channel and Daugava river.
And don't forget to visit recreation park "Mežaparks" located on the Kišezers lake with the one of oldest zoo in Europe!