Riga public transport system consists of bus, tram, trolleybus and taxi bus routes, which are running daily from 5:30 up to 23:30. During the nighttime there are several tram and trolleybus routes running once an hour.

Fare of a one-time ticket is €1,15. Tickets for trams, buses and trolleybusses can be obtained in "Narvessen" newsstands, as well as in Rīgas Satiksme offices and RIMI supermarkets. They can be purchased also from the driver for €2,00.

To validate the ticket you have to place ticket on special electronic reader marked with "e-talons" sign, which shows you, how much drives left in your ticket.
Those tickets are valid for all types of transport vehicles (except minibuses, for which you need to buy separate tickets).

It's possible to buy in tickets on 5, 10, 20 drives, for 24hr use, 5 working days, 1 month ticket etc. More info on  www.rigassatiksme.lv

Riga Card
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